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Find out what you weren’t supposed to know. Hear what you weren’t meant to hear. Snoop around and reveal the truth…

Ever had the feeling your colleagues or friends are hiding something from you? Something just doesn’t quite feel right? Want to know what they talk about when you’ve left?


You’re out on a date. What does your date talk about to his/her friend when you’re getting the drinks? Just how good are your chances?


Want to impress your boss by remembering every word he/she said in the meeting without even taking notes?


Want your friend to listen to a conversation he/she was not supposed to join?


These are just a few of the possibilities where Snoop can come in handy. Snoop is a versatile motion controlled audio recording application for the iPhone. It has been designed in a beautiful retro-espionage look to give you that fun feeling of being a spy on a mission.
Secretly start recording simply by turning the iPhone. And don’t worry about being caught - we’ve built in a self-destruction mode that will shut Snoop down should your iPhone ever fall into wrong hands.


Use Snoop by yourself as a single agent or include another friend in the surveillance headquarters and stream audio directly from your iPhone to another iPhone or even iPod touch. Sounds interesting? Find out more about Snoop here.


Snoop on the App Store


NOTICE: Snoop is for entertainment purposes only. Please respect the privacy of others while using Snoop! Snoop on an iPod-Touch of the first generation can only be used for audio playback!

More to comeMore to come ...

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From the first day we've installed a strict evaluation-scheme for new ideas and projects to use our resources most effectively and efficiently. Currently we're developing infrastructure-services like the Professional Geeks Information Server for providing complex application backends for our projects.

At a given point, we will provide more detailed information about upcoming apps in the future at this place. Stay geeked for new apps from Professional Geeks!